Best Upflush (Macerating) Toilet 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

You must be wondering what a macerating toilet mean How is it different from the regular toilets. Maceration means reducing solid waste into tiny pieces. Maceration toilets are the best-suited toilet if you want to install it in your basement or want to convert a non-bathroom area into a half bathroom.  The reason is, in such areas, it would be tough for plumbing or breaking down the concrete floor to install a toilet. And also there are no drains or septic tanks.  This is where the Upflush Macerating toilet comes into the picture. It makes sure that the macerated waste is pushed upwards and sideways into the sewer system. Hence making sure that your place is clean and odor-free.

Below is the list of the best Upflush  Macerating toilets available in the market. Go ahead and have read to find out which suits your house the best.

Our Top Picks


Jabsco 37010 Series Electric Marine Toilet


Five Oceans TMC Marine Macerating Toilet


Liberty Macerating Toilet, AscentII-RSW Round, 1/2 HP, 115V

Best Upflush (Macerating) Toilet Reviews 2020

#1 Saniflo SaniPLUS (Standard Bowl)

#2 Liberty Pumps ASCENT-II Macerating Toilet

#3 Five Oceans TMC Marine Macerating Toilet

#4 Saniflo SaniCompact Toilet

#5 Lift Assure American Round Macerating Pump

#6 Bathroom Anywhere Toilet

#7 aniflo Sanibest Pro: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit

#8 Saniflo Toilet – Two Piece SaniPlus

#9 Jabsco 37010 Series Electric Marine Toilet

#10 Liberty Macerating Toilet, AscentII-RSW Round, 1/2 HP, 115V


The Saniflo SaniPLUS is a classic choice for upflush. It is simple and easy to install in your bathrooms. You can self-install it.  The small bowl of the toilet makes it perfect for a bathroom that is 15 feet below the sewer line or is 150 feet away from a soil stack. The SaniPLUS toilet weighs around 100 pounds. The advantages of SaniPLUS are :

You can connect to any sink, shower, bath, and any SaniPLUS toilet.

As mentioned earlier, it is easy to install, as it has only four connections. There is three macerating/pump connected to a horizontal outlet toilet, discharge pipework, and an electrical supply respectively. The other connection is a toilet tank to the water supply.

It helps to discharge any gray wastewater from hand basin, bath, and a urinal.

The macerator blade of SaniPLUS revolves at 3600 RPM. Thus, reducing the water and organic waste matter to a slurry texture. The speed of the pump is at 10PSI and pumps the matter 12  feet vertically & 150 ft horizontally. The SaniPLUS comes with a 2-year warranty.


The ASCENT-II by Liberty pumps is a low-cost macerating toilet. It uses RazorCut technology. This ensures the waste flushed in the toilet is wiped out within seconds. The kit includes a macerating toilet, pump, tank, and a toilet seat. The Liberty Pumps designed ASCENT-II in such a way that it suits every bathroom décor. The elongated shape and the white color of the toilet give that aesthetic look to your bathroom.

The ASCENT-II is an eco-friendly toilet as it uses only 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush). Hence, saving your water bill. The other toilets use at least 20% more water per flush. The installation is pretty simple as it needs to be mounted on the floor. The drainpipe is 1-inch thick, which is good. You can pump the toilet vertically if it’s for the basement or horizontally for the un-plumbing areas.
This toilet runs on a battery that lasts up to 3.5 hours. This is the best option if you are planning to remodel the bathroom without breaking the concrete floor.



The TMC Marine by the Five Oceans is the lightest weight macerating toilet. It weighs only 16 kg and is 13 inches tall. The toilet is a round-shaped of diameter 17.5 inches. The bowl is made of chine which is easy to clean. The toilet comes with a heavy-duty pushbutton that measures around 3/4″ to 1″ inlet and a discharge hose adapter (of 1″ to 1 1/2″).

The specialty of the TMC is a slow closing seat. It helps in protecting your fingers when installed at home. Another feature of TMC is the dual-function pump. This means there is no requirement for hand pumps and dry-bowl valves.  All you need to do is push the button and this leads to the rinsing of the bowl by a self-priming flush pump as the macerator and the high capacity scavenger pump will churn the waste and pump it out. 

To ensure that the priming works at its best, keep the water close to the source and the water pump inlet should not be more than 25 above water level. It means at home the waste will be pushed only at 2 feet high. That’s not a good height. You can solve this problem by purchasing a pressurized water system that has a solenoid valve. But you might face a problem with the compatibility to the toilet as it needs to be bought from different manufacture.

The TMC marine is easy to maintain and helps in saving water and electricity



Are you looking for a laptop that can fit a small bathroom? If yes, then the Saniflo Sanicompact toilet is the solution to your problem. As the name suggests it is a self-contained toilet that can fit any small bathrooms, which the conventional toilets will have face a problem to fit. The material used in the SaniCompact is Porcelain Toilets. This elongated toilet is easy to install, adjustable, and quiet when used. The 62 pounds weighing toilet can be installed in many locations like an attic, loft, basement, garage, upper/ground floor. This is the best option for a half bathroom.

The Sanicompact helps in saving the water. It uses only 1 GPF of water to pass through the toilet by an electronically timed flushed mechanism. This discharge elbow on the back can orbit at 360 degrees. And it comes with a non-return valve preventing the backflow into the unit.  

You don’t have to connect the SAnicompact to a vent stack. Though, other parts might have to be vented. It is important to connect the macerator to a Ground Fault Interrupter circuit. Sanicompacy can process effluent waste from a toilet and a sink and the macerating pump is automatic.


Are you planning to install a toilet in your basement without breaking the concrete floor? And also don’t want to pay any plumbing or contractor’s fee? The Lift Assure toilet is the best solution to the above problems. It is a cost-effective toilet that comes with 3 built-in inlets allowing you to attach to a shower, a sink, and a toilet. The toilet measures only 15 inches from the seat to the floor making it kids friendly. The pump can only flush out 3.8 gallons per minute of water. The toilet is great for the basement as the pump will be situated 10 ft vertically from the basement. This allows the wash water to move from the basement into the existing plumbing system. 

This round shaped macerating pump uses a Dual flushing system. There are 2 buttons on the top of the toilet. One button is for a half flush and the other for a full flush. So, you can choose the force of the pump depending upon the situation. This helps you to save water as well a the electricity. 

The 103 pounds toilet consumes 800W and has backflow protection. It has a smooth closing hinge. The toilet is easy to install and can be installed in a guest house, RV, or trailer. 


The name of the toilet says it all. The bathroom anywhere can be installed at any place you want.  It can be installed at a place where traditional plumbing might be difficult. Thus, you can avoid breaking up of concrete floors. The material used is Vitreous china and the bowl is ADA compliant. The modern design of the toilet ensures it matches any bathroom décor, giving that attractive look. 

The Bathroom Anywhere toilet makes sure that you don’t face any problems related to backflow issues or noise. The built-in quality of the toilet makes sure it is quieter than the regular home toilet.

The toilet has a good conservative water sense. It uses only 1.28 GPF of water. The other feature of Bathroom Anywhere is the use of two-way air vent. This makes sure there is odor. The macerating pump runs on electricity. The 18.5 inches (height) toilet comes with necessary hardware with the kit of the upflush. Though you need to spend extra on christen and pump. 

The Bathroom Anywhere  is any easy to self-install toilet


The Saniflo Sanibest Pro is best if you are looking for something heavy-duty but easy to install. This is ideal for bathrooms that are 18 ft apart from the sewer system and 150 ft away from a soil track. The SaniBest toilet has five connections. They can be connected to a Sanibest toilet, any sink, and shower, and bath, and washing machine. This elongated-shaped toilet includes :

Pressure Chamber: Starts and stops the Unit

Motor: Helps to drive the macerator blades (made up of stainless steel) and the pump. These blades rotate at a velocity of 3600 RPM. Thus, reducing the waste to slurry

This 106 pounds of toilet pump water only at 1.6 GPF and works quietly. The SaniBest toilet can also discharge waste from other sanitary fixtures like a hand basin, a bath, a bidet, and a urinal. The elongated bowl makes it convenient for physically challenged people to use. This toilet comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer for replacement repair.


The Two-piece SaniPlus is another model from the manufacturer for the macerating toilet. This can be installed in a bathroom that is 15 ft away from the sewer pipe or 150 ft apart from a soil track. The 2-piece SaniPlus pump can be connected to a Saniplus toilet and any sink, shower, bath.  

The installation of the toilet is simple and easy. It has only four connections. The macerating pump has to be connected to a spigot of a horizontal outlet toilet, discharge pipework, and the electrical supply. The last connection is the toilet tank to the water supply. 

The advantage of SaniPlus 2 is they take care of the waste inside your bathroom. It means before sending the waste to the sewer or underground, the macerators make the waste soft, wet, and light. This becomes easy to push down the sewer system and also takes care of the smell. This stainless steel macerators work on electricity.

The pump uses 1.6 GPF of water and pimps at 10 PSI. The height of the toilet is ADA compliant.  The only included component is a toilet bowl. You need to buy other components separately.


The Jabsco 37010 series is best for the marine toilets. It is unique from other macerating toilets in many ways. This toilet comes in D-shape. The motors of Jabsco are fully magnetic and the seat is made up of baked enamel. The Jabsco uses an integral self-priming rinse pump designed specifically to treat sea, river, or Lake water. Due to the flexibility in the design, the waste can be discharged in an overboard or holding tank.

The Jabsco series 37010 gives you two options for the bowl.

  • Household size bowl:  for all the convenience of home

  • Compact bowl:  where space is a premium.

The motor of the toilet is placed inside stainless steel. This will protect the motor from sea salts and marine elements and at home against excessive steam.

The toilet has built-in backflow preventer guards against flooding and waste return. You need to keep in mind that it can push waste only up to 1 m away. This toilet can be used only for sea, lake or river water. If you are installing at home make sure it is using freshwater. This is good for marine toilets and houses with small space.


Liberty is one of the famous bathroom fixtures. The AscentII-RSW by liberty comes with a 3-year warranty. This toilet uses multiple technologies making it smooth to use.  The technologies are:

  • RazorCut Technology system: Helps in enhanced cutting

  • IST Switch Technology: Ensures extensive flush-out of debris in the cutter area and reducing potential clogging and jamming.

  • Solid-state electronic switch system: It renders intelligent data for system operation. This eradicates older style mechanical or diaphragm buttons.

  • The smart technology makes sure that the macerator blades are carrying-out the debris before it enters the cutter basket.

The macerator pump of this 150 pounds toilet can be hidden behind the wall. But for this, you need to purchase the liberty Pumps extension pipe K001184. The toilet weighs 120 pounds but it easy to install. Though you might need someone’s help to install. The toilet can also dispose of water and toilet paper and the pump can be connected to multiple fixtures like bath, sink, shower, and urinal in a bathroom.

The toilet works on a 19-volt battery. The toilet pumps only 1.28 GPF of water. Thus, it consumes only 20% less water comparatively. The toilet comes in a round shape and can be installed vertically and horizontally.

Buyer’s Guide


  • Toilet Location: This is an important factor before you decide to buy a macerating upflush toilet. Especially if it is in the basement make sure that there is ventilation. You shouldn’t end up having an odor in the room at the end of the day. Also, it is important o check that the specs of the toilet are enough to push the waste to the home drain.
  • Flushing Methods: There are two kinds of flushing. The one you can pump the waste upwards and are known as Upflush toilets. The waste is flushed towards the sewer. This happens when the toilet is below the septic tank, for example, if the toilet is located in the basement.
  • The other method is when the waste is pushed sideways. In this, the waste is pushed towards a septic tank and requires a lot of power. Some toilets use the existing indoor water pressure rather than electricity.


Make sure that you choose the most appropriate macerate upflush toilet. The one that helps in conserving water and suits your bathroom location. Also, make sure it doesn’t leave any foul smell after use and it is quiet and easy to install.

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