Best Toilet Wax Ring 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Toilet Wax Rings are a crucial part of your toilet. They are designed to seal the gap between toilets and drainage pipe from the leaks. It’s important to find suitable toilet wax rings and that’s why we have compiled a list of the best toilet wax rings in the market.

There are many types of toilet wax rings in the market which vary in material and sizes. One can go for traditional wax that is made from petroleum jelly and or waxless seal that is made from rubber and other material. It depends on your toilet flooring and installation to find what kind of toilet wax ring is a perfect fit for you.

If you opt for wax seal, it can last up to 20 or 30 years and they are traditionally the best toilet wax in the market for decades. Also, it can be installed on an uneven floor as well because it will seal the toilet perfectly. 

Waxless seals are modern and they have their own advantages as well. They are not as messy as wax seals and they can survive in any temperature, which wax seal might melt or freeze. 

If you are confused about it, you can read our buying guide for the toilet wax ring and learn more about it. To solve the issue, we have compiled a list of the best toilet wax rings 2020 for money in the market which includes both wax seal and wax-free seals as well. You can also read their review and find the perfect toilet wax ring that accommodates your toilet. 

Our Top Picks


Fluidmaster 7513 - Best Seller


Korky 6000BP - Overall Best


Oatey 31194 - Best Cheap Wax Seal

Best Toilet Wax Ring 2020

#1 NEXT by DANCO - Best Toilet Wax Ring

#2 Fluidmaster 7513 - Best Seller

#3 Korky 6000BP - Overall Best

#4 Fernco FTS-3 - Best Material

#5 Fluidmaster 7530P8 - Long-lasting

#6 Westbrass D6033-40 Budget-friendly

#7 Oatey 31194 - Best Cheap Wax Seal


Danco is one of the well-known companies which manufactures all bathroom utilities including toilet wax ring.  The next by Danco is one of the best and easy to install toilet wax ring which can seal perfectly for the first installation. If your toilet is wobbly then this toilet wax ring will fix it as well. This toilet wax ring is three times stronger than other standard ones which make sure that it can be fixed on its position without any hard work or mess.

It can be adjusted for toilet flange heights from 1/2 inch above the floor to 1-1/2 inches below the floor. This toilet wax ring can maintain its stability even if there is movement around the floor. You can also remove the black plastic ring inside the gray rubber casing for proper seal.


Fluidmaster toilet wax rings are one of the best sellers on Amazon and in the market. They are one of the cheapest and yet most durable too. They are one of the well-known companies in toilet repairs for more than 60 years. That’s why we have added this to our best toilet wax ring list. It has extra thick wax that ensures a watertight seal in your toilet. It can be fitted above or below the floor waste line with an extra flange.

It can fit in 3 or 4-inch pipes easily with an extra thick wax ring. The excessive wax makes sure that it will seal the toilet ring without any leaks. It’s easy to use and easy to install. Just put it in and forget about it.


Korky toilet wax ring is actually a wax-free seal. The company claims that it’s a cleaner alternative to wax rings in toilets. It will make sure to create a tight seal between the toilet and floor waste line so that nothing could leak from it. We have added this to our best toilet wax ring list because of its waxless design and material they used. This toilet wax ring can be fit above, below & on the ground level to the floor.

Korky 6000BP is made from rubber and that’s why it does not face any problem which a traditional wax ring makes. It’s a Chlorazone rubber, which means chlorine water, chemicals, or any other things which create trouble for wax will do nothing here. Most wax rings couldn’t operate under fluctuating temperature but this one has no effect on it. Also with this toilet wax ring, you will get all the hardware or bolts you need to install it.


This franco toilet wax ring is actually waxless and doesn’t require much help with installation. It can fit easily in a 3-inch drainage pipe and there is another unit for 4-inch pipe as well. To make sure that your toilet doesn’t leak it has 4 flexible ribs that can slide into the drainage pipe and create a watertight seal. This will make sure that it will seal the entrance to the drainage pipe and ribs are there for the same reason too.

To attach it with a toilet, it has an adhesive surface that can stick tightly to the toilet and create a seal tight toilet ring. We have added this to our list of best toilet wax rings because it can be used with any floor types even if you have tiles or carpet. Also if the first time of installation doesn’t quite get it right, you can do it over again without worrying about anything. 


We have to add another one from fluidmaster and this one is wax-free.  It has a perfect watertight seal and a 10-year warranty with it. Most wax melts on a heated floor but with this toilet wax ring, you don’t need to worry about that. It can be repositioned as you wish without changing the whole kit again.

You can reinstall this toilet seal without breaking or removing can be fit on a 3 or 4-inch drainage pipe. This is one of the most reviewed products on amazon and that’s why we have added this to our Best toilet wax ring list.


Toilet wax rings come in many sizes and types but for those people who prefer traditional approaches always go for westbrass wax rings. What we like the most about them are the urethane wax rings which make sure that it stays sealed. This toilet wax ring can be fitted on a 3-inch or 4-inch drainage pipe as well.

For your convenience, it comes with everything you need including Brass oval head closet bolts which ensures a better fitting. That’s why we have added this to our best toilet wax ring list because it makes sure that your toilet stays water-tight, odor-tight, and gas-tight seal to prevent bacterial growth.


Oatey toilet wax rings are some of the most affordable and best sellers in the market. It’s made of 100% pure petroleum wax gasket for setting any floor type closet bowl. This is a standard size toilet wax ring that is suitable for 3-inch or 4-inch drainage pipes. 

This toilet wax ring also provides a permanent seal waterproof to vermin, odors, gases, and acids. Polyethylene sleeve extends toilet pipe opening for a more positive seal to make sure that proper alignment. That’s why we have added this to our best toilet wax ring list. With thick wax rings, you don’t need to look anywhere else and it can be installed easily without any hassle too. 

Buying Guide for Toilet Wax Ring

In this article, we have provided a list of the best toilet wax rings with reviews with pros n cons in the market. Still if you feel confused about which one to purchase, this buying guide will help you with selecting a suitable toilet wax ring for your toilet.

There are two types of toilet wax rings in the market, let’s talk about them in detail.


The traditional toilet wax rings are around for years and the reason is, they are more affordable. They come in cheap prices and durability. Most wax seals are made of petroleum wax with polyurethane additives. They can be shaped into any toilet size and fits well. Most wax seals can last for more than 20 or 30 years the same as toilets, so once you install it, you can forget about it altogether. But there are drawbacks as well, installing a toilet wax ring can be messy. If you have a heated floor or lives in an area where summer heat can be tough, they will melt and leak easily. 


Most wax free seals are made from different kinds of rubber and they are easy to use and install. They are mess-free and don’t face any issue like wax seals. A good waxless seal can be reused as well. They are waterproof and chemicals proof as well. No amount of temperature change can make any difference to them. They also prevent any type of odor from the drainage pipe into your toilet. All modern toilet wax rings are wax-free but they have some disadvantages as well. They don’t last as long as wax seals. Their installation can be tricky sometimes and if they are not sealed perfectly, your toilet can wobble or leak.

Once you decide on which type of seal you want, now you need to learn about the features of the toilet wax ring.

Flange Height

Money toilets have a flange above the floor or below the floor and when you decide to purchase a new toilet wax ring, this matters the most. Most of them are suitable for below the floor drainage pipe system but for the above flange, you need to buy an additional gasket for adjustment. First, learn about the type of flange you have in your toilet and find the most suitable toilet wax rings for it. In our list of best toilet wax rings, we have also included some wax rings which are suitable for both types of height.

Floor Type

It’s important to know your toilet flooring before buying a toilet wax ring, there are two things to consider, floor temperature and leveling of the floor. If you have heated tiles or it gets cold in the water, then it’s better to go with waxless because wax seals could freeze or melt with temperature change. You also need to consider the evenness of your floor. If it’s tilting toward one side or uneven, then you can go for a wax seal because they can adjust to any floor types. There are few wax-free rings that can be adjusted too.

Drain Size

The standard drainage pipe size for the toilet is 3 inch and most old houses have the same sizes. But all the modern toilet drainage pipe sizes are 4 inches. 

That’s why make sure to buy toilet wax rings that fit perfectly with your drainage pipe. There are many types of wax rings in the market which can be adjusted to a 3 or 4-inch pipe size. 

In our list of best toilet wax rings , we have added only those which can fit perfectly to 3 or 4 inch drainage pipe size.


We know that a toilet wax ring’s cost is not much while some rings come with bolts and everything you need with it while others are just plain toilet wax rings where you need to buy additional supplies for them.

Make sure when you purchase the toilet wax ring that comes with the accessories, so you don’t need to spend extra. Wax rings are cheaper in comparison to wax-free rings, so you can go for anyone of them which suits your toilet.

We hope that this buying guide helps you find the best toilet wax ring from our list that is compatible with your toilet installation.

Best Toilet Wax Ring FAQ

1.What’s the best toilet wax ring?

NEXT by DANCO is one of the best toilet wax ring in the market right now.  It’s affordable and 3 times stronger than any standard wax ring in the market. 

2.How long do toilet wax rings last?

Traditional toilet wax rings can last up to 20 or 30 years. The most manufacturer never claims that amount of period but in our list, Fluidmaster 7530P8 has 10 years of warranty. 

3.How to know if toilet wax ring leaking?

Leaking water and awful odor is the sign of wax ring leaking. You might also feel your toilet is wobbling because of the wax ring failure. You can fix that issue by installing a new toilet wax ring from our list.

4.Are waxless toilet seals better than wax?

It depends on your need. Wax seals are better and easy to adjust to any type of toilet. On the other hand, waxless seals don’t freeze or melt but they are hard to install. You can read our buying guide and decide later.

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