Best Toilet Papers For Septic System 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

With the spread of this pandemic of coronavirus, all of us need to take that extra step to make sure we remain safe. We should use proper disinfectants and sanitizers to ensure that there is no trace of Covid-19 on our bodies. However, it is equally important that we use proper tissue papers, that do not get stuck to our septic tanks. Because, after flushing, if they stuck to those tanks, then all sorts of safety and security goes down the drain. 

So, you must use a toilet paper that is biodegradable and thick and ultra-dry, it will not get stuck to your septic tank and kill good bacteria. This is where this article comes in, we have provided you with a list of the top 10 toilet papers that are guaranteed to work properly in your tank. So, without further ado, let us continue with the article.

Our Top Picks


Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper


Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Supreme


Amazon Brand — Presto! Ultra Soft Tissue Paper

Best Toilet Papers For Septic System 2020

#1 Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Supreme

#2 Amazon Brand — Presto! Ultra Soft Tissue Paper

#3 Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper

#4 Angel Soft Toilet Paper

#5 Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare Toilet Paper

#6 Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

#7 Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper

#8 Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper

#9 Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

#10 Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper


The Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Paper makes for a wonderful experience in the bathroom. The silk is present in three layers and the paper appears to be very soft. The 24 rolls of this toilet paper are as good as almost 94 rolls of toilet paper. 

This toilet paper has a three-ply paper which can easily be adjusted into the normal dispenser of the toilet. A roll extender is given to you for free if you need it. 

The paper dissolves at a very fast rate and does not clog the septic tank of your house.


This toilet paper is durable as well as soft. This toilet paper has a high rate of dissolving and will not create any blocking or clogging in your septic tank, which ensures the safety of the tank. 

This product consists of six mega rolls that are as big as 24 rolls of a regular toilet paper. They are affordable and you can also ask for a refund if they do not work for you. These toilet papers are eco-friendly.


The Scott Rapid-Dissolving toilet paper has been created for all sorts of vehicles like buses and trains. It can be made to dissolve at a faster rate than other sorts of toilet papers.  

This toilet paper is strong and these rolls can be fitted into all kinds of dispensers for toilet rolls. It is also very soft and affordable for everyone.


This toilet paper is environment-friendly and it has earned the certification from Initiative of Sustainable Forestry where it makes the toilet papers from Fiber following proper legal processes that are sustainable. 

This toilet paper from Angel is soft and affordable at the same time it is also septic-free. It is even eco-friendly.


This toilet paper from Cottonelle is extremely soft and at the same time, it is also environment-friendly. It does not even clog at your septic tanks.  

This toilet paper has a good texture and every sheet of this toilet paper has a feeling of comfort. It allows you to use, only a few sheets at a time and having the desired effect with these sheets. This toilet paper can absorb a lot of spillages and is very efficient.


This toilet paper from Quilted Northern has double rolls which are 12 quantity that makes it similar to 24 rolls of normal toilet papers. Thus, it helps you save money and is affordable. This toilet paper dissolves pretty fast and does not get clogged in your septic tank. 

This toilet paper has a strength of 3-ply and it is biodegradable whilst offering a thickness level. You can easily use this toilet paper as it does not cause any sort of irritation and does not have a scent. 

This toilet paper is designed to be used in RV’s, camps and various other places where there are no septic tanks. 


This toilet paper from Firebelly can be a good traveling companion as it is soft and will not get stuck inside septic tanks of your RV or motorhome.

It is very soft and durable. This toilet paper can also be highly dependent upon and has a rate of dissolving which is very fast. This toilet paper is specifically designed to not shred and be stored easily. This toilet paper is also biodegradable and has a thickness of 2-ply. 


This toilet paper does not clog in the septic tank and there are 1000 sheets available in the toilet roll. This toilet paper is very soft and it can be easily flushed.

This toilet paper can be used even while you are traveling because it can be used in your RV’s and even in your boats. This toilet paper is extremely durable and can disintegrate very quickly in water. 


This toilet paper from Charmin remains soft on your skin and does not cause any sort of irritation to your skin. 18 roles are present in this toilet roll and 14 rolls of this toilet are equal to 72 rolls.

This toilet paper also has a lotion which makes it better for sensitive and softer than the usual toilet paper and it also consists of Vitamin E. This toilet roll does not clog in the septic tank and can easily disintegrate without leaving behind any particles.  


This toilet paper can be used even in a boat or an RV and will not create any problem for those who are busy with plumbing. It can easily dissolve in all sorts of septic tanks.

The amount of time which this toilet paper takes to disintegrate is very less. This toilet paper is very soft and does not have any bad effect on your skin. It does not cause any sort of clogging in your septic tanks. It is very strong and durable. 

Buyers’ Guide Toilet Papers For Septic System


The toilet paper you will be using must be free form chlorine so that it does not cause any irritation on your skin.


The toilet paper that you will be using should be comfortable and soft and it won’t be difficult for you while using it.


The toilet roll must have a proper wet strength so that it does not share to shreds when being used in water.


We hope that this article has helped you in discovering the perfect toilet roll which you can use in your washroom. It will protect you from any clogging of your septic tank.

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