Best Toilet Flapper 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

Toilet Flappers are one of those things which we never knew until our toilet flush breaks down. The leaky toilet flush is not only annoying but they cost us more with the water bill. Fix your toilet and find the best toilet flappers in the market from our list.

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night from ghost flushing sound or your water bill is too much? Yes, we have all been there but what matters the most is how to stop the leaky toilet flapper. There is an easy solution, select a better flapper and your worries are over.

Looks easy right? How hard could it be, it’s just a flapper after all. But makes no mistake, there are tons of options out there and if you don’t have enough information about your requirements, then you might end up with a broken toilet. That’s why we have researched and gathered all the necessary information for you as a buying guide.

Make sure to find the right size and types of toilet flappers. Don’t forget to read about installation too, no one wants to spend the whole day fixing a leaky flapper with toilet repair kit. Most of them last for a long time, so it’s better to go for a branded flapper because cheaper might cost you more in the end. 

Once you find the correct replacement toilet flapper, make sure to install it properly. We know that a buying guide is not enough information to buy a flapper that’s why we have compiled a list of the best toilet flappers of 2020 as well.

Our Top Picks


Gerber Toilet Flapper - No Ghost Flushing


American Standard Toilet Flapper - Best 2-inch Toilet Flapper


Fluidmaster Toilet Flapper 502P21 - Water Saver

Best Toilet Flappers 2020

#1 Korky 3060BP - Best Toilet Flapper

#2 Kohler Toilet Flapper GP85160 - Genuine Toilet Parts

#3 Fluidmaster Toilet Flapper 502P21 - Water Saver

#4 Toto Toilet Flapper 3 Inch - Durable

#5 Gerber Toilet Flapper - No Ghost Flushing

#6 American Standard Toilet Flapper - Best 2-inch Toilet Flapper

#7 Fluidmaster Universal Toilet Flapper - Best 3 inch toilet Flapper


Korky Toilet flappers are one of the best in the market just like their other products. This universal toilet flapper comes in a 3-inch size which is pretty common everywhere. In our research to find the best toilet flapper, the Korky flappers get the full marks for leakage and durability. We understand that not everyone is an expert plumber, but with this flapper, you can easily install it in matters of minutes. This is suitable for all including  American Standard, Eljer, Ferguson, and Gerber toilet flapper as well.

From all the other toilet flapper types, we choose this because of its chlorazone red rubber. Do you know that your flapper needs to be able to resist chlorine, bacteria, city water treatment, hard & well water? Yes, that’s true,  because of this, most flappers fail in a short period of time. With Korky toilet flappers, you don’t need to worry about that either. This 3 inch toilet flapper comes with a stainless steel chain and adjustable flapper.


This Kohler Toilet Flapper comes in a 2-inch size. We know that the standard flapper comes in 3 inches but everyone has different sizes of the toilet flapper types. That’s why it’s important to include in our list of best toilet flappers in the market. Kohler is one of the best brands in bathroom accessories and this product is no different in the standard.

Kohler Genuine parts are known to be most durable and long-lasting. This flapper comes with a 5-year warranty, and in our research, we have learned that it can last more than 5 years. Kohler toilet flapper comes with a flapper, a stainless steel chain, and a floater. The product is made from 50% of Styrofoam which makes it more durable.


Fluidmaster is one of the most recognized names in the bathroom and toilet accessories. This Fluidmaster Toilet Flapper is crafted with the same quality as others. There are many different types of toilet flapper sizes created by this company but this one comes in the 2-inch size. What we liked the most about this flapper is, you will not only fix your leaky toilet flapper, but we can also save water too. You can use a small amount of water to clean the toilet bowl as well.

This is a fluidmaster Performax type of flapper which is designed to save water and last longer. It has Built-in Microban fights flapper breakdown due to bacteria on the flapper itself. It has a durable design and tough frame that prevent twisting and ghost flushing. It has a 5 year warranty but it can last longer which is why we have added it to our list of best toilet flappers.


Flappers are the most important parts of toilet tanks. That’s why always go for a reliable brand for parts like this Toto toilet flapper. This easy to install 3 inch toilet flapper is one of the well-known brands in every American household. Its durable, leak-proof, and high-quality standard earns it a place in our best toilet flapper list. 

The complete kit includes a stainless steel chain and a rubber flapper. The flapper is made from chlorazone which gives it protection against Chlorine, Bacteria, City Water Treatment, Hard Water, and Well Water. This toilet flapper type is compatible with G-Max, THU499S, THU331S, THU175S & 2021BP Models.


Gerber is one of the most reputed brands in America for its quality and durability. That’s why we have to add this to our list of best toilet flappers. This is a 3 inch toilet flapper specifically designed for Gerber toilets. This flapper is compatible with Avalanche (all model years) Viper Brianne Allerton Logan Square Wicker Park and PeeWee. Basically, it covers all flapper types from Gerber.

Anyone can install this toilet flapper without any tools. This is a soft base type of flopper, which means it is easily manageable and flexible enough to place in the right way. Replace your old leaky toilet flapper with Gerber and you don’t need to worry about it ever.


American standard toilets are one of the most recognizable brands. This replacement toilet flapper comes in a size of 2 inches. It can be considered as a universal toilet flapper for every type of 2 inch flapper despite the different brands. The kit includes flappers, chains, floater, and hook as well.

Everyone who faces the problem of leaky toilet flapper always goes for trusted brands American standard and that’s why we include this to our list of best toilet flappers in the market. It will stop the leakage and solve the ghost flushing issue as well.


This is the second Fluidmaster toilet flapper in our list. This is a 3 inch flapper and that’s why it is known as universal. Basically, if your toilet is leaking too much water or its just flat out broken, no need to search for a specific brand and model name and just purchase fluidmaster flapper.

It is made of flexible rubber which is chemical resistant. This flapper kit comes with a flapper, float, silicone seal, and kink-free stainless steel chain. This replacement toilet flapper fits tightly and stops the leakage. 

Buying Guide For Toilet Flapper

Fixing leakage in the toilet is easy but finding the flapper is hard. If you ever face the questions like how to choose the right toilet flapper, then this buying guide will help you. 

Toilet Flapper Types

There are many other types of toilet flappers out there such as Seat Disk Flapper, Tank Ball Flapper, and rubber toilet flapper. In this article, we didn’t include the seat disk flapper, as they are suitable for old toilets and there are only a few that manufacturer this. Make sure that your toilet tank is compatible with your flapper of choice, otherwise, it won’t work. 

Toilet Flapper Sizes

Finding the right sizes of the flapper is one of the most important parts of stopping the leakage. There are basically two sizes, 2 inch and 3 inch toilet flappers. If you pick the wrong size then it wouldn’t fit or it will be too loose. That’s why make sure you have selected the correct size of your flapper.

Frame Type

Flapper frames are made from different materials such as rubber or hard plastic. Rubber is durable and mostly chemical resistant. Plastic lasts longer and seals the leakage easily. It depends on which type of toilet you have and the size of the flapper.

Types Of  Toilet

It also matters when you have an old fashioned toilet. Most modern toilet flappers don’t fit quite right for them. Also, some of the toilet manufacturers have different kinds of toilet tank designs which mean only their flappers work for them. For example, Kohler toilets can only use genuine Kohler toilet flapper. 


We have mentioned this time and time again, if it takes too much of your time, then it’s not worth it. Most of them are universal toilet flapper which mean they can be installed easily on any types of toilet flapper. Of course, there are few exceptions, such as Gerber toilet flapper as they have different kinds of installation.


Toilet flappers are considered to be a lot cheaper than other toilet parts. Most of them are in the same price range. You need to pay extra for a specific brand model of flapper for compatibility. Make sure to purchase a branded flapper because saving a few bucks might end badly for your toilet.

Best Toilet Flapper FAQ

1.How to measure toilet flapper size?

You can find the correct size of toilet flapper from the instruction manual that comes with the toilet, but if you don’t have that you can always eyeball it. If the drainage value looks like the size of a baseball or orange, then it is a 2 inch flapper, and if it looks like softball or grapefruit, then it’s a 3 inch toilet flapper.

2.How to choose the right toilet flapper?

It depends on many factors such as types of toilet flapper and size. Also the type of toilet and frame as well. Always choose the branded replacement toilet flapper because they will last longer and stop the ghost flushing. 

3.What is the best toilet flapper?

Korky 3060BP is one of the best toilet flappers in the market right now. It’s durable and lasts longer than other flappers in the market and also a lot cheaper as well.

4.What is a universal toilet flapper?

Most of the modern flappers come in 3 inch size and that’s why it’s a universal toilet flapper. From our list, Fluidmaster Universal Toilet Flapper is top picks for you.


We hope that this article will ease your worries about choosing the right flapper. After extended research, we have found that korky toilet flappers are better than others. In the universal toilet flapper, fluidmaster is the most suitable choice. We have to mention the 2-inch size category as well and American Standard is the best toilet flapper in that category.

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