Best Toilet Brush with Holder 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide

Toilet brush with holder is one of the most common cleaning tools in every household. We know that it’s not anyone’s favorite choros but it could be easier and less messy. To ease this burden, we have compiled a list of the best toilet brush with holder for the money.  

Toilet brushes are important not only for cleaning but for hygienic reasons also. Most toilet plungers can clean out stains and with toilet bowl cleaners it can kill germs as well. But once you complete the cleaning, where do you put it? In the closet, near the bathroom wall or hide behind the sink? No matter where you stack it, it is harmful to laying out around and not a good sight. That is why toilet brush with holder are an easier option for storing it after the cleaning.

There are multitudes of toilet brushes out there in the market, to find the best toilet brush and holder is not a simple task. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before making a purchase. Such as design, is the toilet brush holder aesthetic enough to fit in your bathroom? The design of a toilet brush holder is important because they are out in the open.

Some toilets are too delicate and you don’t want that toilet brush bristles to scratch the surface. But they need to be sturdy enough to clean the stain in the toilet. Make sure that it reaches the inner rim of the toilet bowl to clean it. 

Once you examine all these factors, now you just need to buy it. We have made that easy for you by gathering a list of the best toilet brush with holder in the market. 

Our Top Picks


Oxo Toilet Brush and Holder - Best Seller


Clorox ToiletWand with caddy - High Quality


Simplehuman Toilet Brush with Caddy - Best Toilet Brush

Best Toilet Brush With Holder 2020

#1 Oxo Toilet Brush and Holder - Best Seller

#2 InterDesign Duetto Toilet Bowl Brush with Holder - Durable

#3 Home Basics Toilet Brush and Holder - Better Design

#4 Simplehuman Toilet Brush with Caddy - Best Toilet Brush

#5 Clorox ToiletWand with caddy - High Quality

#6 Rubbermaid Toilet Brush and Caddy - Budget Friendly

#7 Libman Bowl Brush and Caddy - Comfort Grip


A toilet cleaning brush is a simple yet effective tool against germs and stains in the toilet. What’s better than a toilet brush than a hideaway holder that can keep it away from your eyesight. Oxo toilet brush with holder has a drip tray that features ventilation slots that allow water to quickly evaporate. This good grip toilet brush has a tapered Brush head and sturdy blue bristles for deep cleaning under the rim. 

Oxo toilet brush with holder has an automatic mechanism that opens up when the toilet brush is lifted. It will stay hidden in the canister without dripping any water on the floor. It’s also hygienic for the user because they don’t need to manually do the work. After our thorough research, we consider Oxo as the best toilet brush and handle on this list.


Interdesign is a well-known brand that produces toilet cleaning utilities such as this toilet bowl brush and holder. It can clean easily and under the rim as well with hard plastic bristles. The brush head is replaceable which means you need to buy a new toilet brush holder again. It has a durable design for both brush and holder so it can last for years.

This toilet brush and holder comes in two colors, black and white. That means you can easily pick a color that matches your bathroom decor. It has chrome accents at the bottom of the toilet brush holder that looks elegant and hides the brush as well. 


Toilet plungers are useful when you need to clean a toilet, but after that, it needs to be hidden. A good toilet brush can be stored in a closet or hung on a hook, but the best toilet brushes can hide in plain sight and still look refined. Home basic is one of the most trusted brands by thousands of people for their cleaning needs and that’s why we added it to our list of best toilet brush with holder list.

Their distinguished design of the holder hides the brush and looks aesthetic with your toilet. The brush features a tapered nylon head with thick nylon bristles that can clean toilets thoroughly and under the rim as well. the toilet brush holder has a soft-non-skid bottom that never makes skid marks and stays in one place. The design of the canister looks urban as it is made of solid bronze coated steel.


When we talk about hygienic cleaning of bathrooms and toilets, we have to mention simplehuman into this because they are the leading manufacturer in toilet cleaning industries. The reason for their success is their innovative design such as this toilet brush with caddy, the simplehuman toilet brush is not round but shaped like a crescent. Just when we thought there is nothing new with toilet brushes, simple human toilet brushes come with a new and improved one. The crescent-shaped brush head easily reaches hard-to-clean areas around the rim and cleans the toughest stain such as calcium and lime buildup to rust and hard water stains.

The dome-shaped design not only hides the simplehuman toilet plunger but it has magnetic collars that hold the brush, which means you don’t need to worry about dripping on your floor. You can just carry the toilet brush with holder and keep it stationary in one place. The discreet design makes it look good with bathroom decor. The brush head is replaceable, so no need to buy the whole unit. This unit will add a new sophistication to your luxurious toilet and bathroom.


Clorox is not only popular but one of the most efficient toilet cleaner brands. Without it, this list of best toilet brush with holder would be missing something. Clorox ToiletWand is a totally new concept in the toilet brush market. It’s a disposable toilet cleaning system, which means you can use the toilet brush head once and then throw it away. This toilet brush and holder comes with 6 Clorox toilet wand refills. 

The mechanism in this Clorox toilet bowl cleaner is better than others, no need to even touch the brush head, just push the toilet wand to riffle and it will attach automatically. Once the cleaning is complete, throw it with just one button press. Clorox ToiletWand brush head is preloaded with Clorox cleaner which cleans toilets and kills germs as well. Clorox toilet wand caddy can hide the brush and keep it out of sight. 


There are many types of household cleaning items out there. We bet that you must have come across Rubbermaid commercial products for cleaning because they are one of the largest producers in this category. Rubbermaid toilet bowl brush is specifically designed to clean the toilet to keep it sanitary. It has full bristle design to clean all around the toilet bowl including under the rim as well.

Rubbermaid commercial toilet cleaners are known for their durability. It made from durable plastic with a toilet brush holder as well. Toilet brush caddy can hide the brush and keep it in one place. Rubbermaid comfort grip makes sure you can clean thoroughly too.


This toilet brush with holder is simple yet it has a better design. Libman Bowl Brush has an Ergonomic rubber brush grip to clean the toilet effectively. The toilet brush caddy has a durable design to hold the toilet brush and fast drying with hygienic drying slits. The Brush fibers are made from recycled PET for durable fibers that last longer.

Libman Bowl brush is made in the USA which means better quality and you can rely on. The company is more than 100 years old and manufactures cleaning products. That’s why we have added this tour list of the best toilet brush with handle.  

Buying Guide For Toilet Brush With Holder

Now you have the option to choose from this best toilet brush with holder, are you feeling confused about which one to purchase? We have all been there, even when we were researching for best toilet cleaning brands, we were puzzled to know about them. To ease the choosing part of this process, we have created a buying guide for you.

Brush Design

When we are selecting a better version of toilet brush with holder, we need to look deeper for a better toilet brush design. They are the main part of this unit, without them, it’s just an overpriced small bucket. Make sure to pick a brush design that can reach everywhere in the toilet bowl. Mostly the inner rim of the toilet is dirtier than others and it’s hard to reach. Make sure that cleaning bristles are made from better quality for cleaning. Some toilet bowl brush have different designs such as simplehuman toilet brush which have a crescent design to reach the inner toilet rim.

Holder or Caddy

Toilet brush holder are important because they keep them hidden. This is important for two reasons, toilet brush cleans our toilet which means even after cleaning they are unsanitary to keep them on the floor. Also, they don’t fit into toilet decor, that’s why keeping them in holder or caddy is a better option. Some of them come with no dripping option, no water droplet on the floor. They can dry out the brush and contain the water in it. Make sure that the toilet brush holder has some extra features as well like elegant design and others.

Handle Design

Toilet brush needs to have a longer handle. That way one can reach any part of the toilet bowl without getting in physical contact with them. Also, a comfortable grip comes in handy because toilet cleaning is hard work. 


Best toilet brushes are durable because if they break under small pressure then they are not worth it. Most of them are made from plastic but some of it is made from stainless steel. Every toilet brush with holder has a replaceable brush head, that way it will last longer than traditional toilet bowl brushes. 


In our list of best toilet brush with holder, we have included a budget-friendly model. No one wants to spend extra bucks on something which has a cheaper alternative in the market. Everyone knows that expensive means better quality and yes, sometimes it’s true. But with toilet brushes, expensive means better design, and few more features. 

Best Toilet Brush With Holder FAQ

To keep the toilet brush sanitary, one can clean it with hot water or spray it with disinfectants. One of the better options is to put them in their holder so that it can dry out in a clean place. To know more about toilet brush with holder, read the above article. 

1.What is the best toilet brush with holder?

Oxo Toilet Brush and Holder are one of the best in the market. Oxo toilet brush has better quality and the holder is elegant looking.

2.What is the best brand for toilet brush with caddy?

Simplehuman Toilet Brush with Caddy is one of the best brands for toilet cleaning. simplehuman toilet brush has a crescent design to reach everywhere.

3.Is a toilet brush hygienic?

The answer is yes and no because even if it’s been clean, they are unsanitary. To solve this issue, we have written about Clorox ToiletWand with caddy. It comes with Clorox toilet wand refills, so just change the refills once you clean the toilet. 

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