Best Corner Toilet 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Corner Toilets don’t differ from the normal bathroom toilets in many ways. They have the same features, apart from the space they occupy. The corner toilets are mostly preferred when you have to set up an extra toilet or a toilet that can fit in your less spacious bathroom corner. It gives the same performance and functionality without occupying much space. Let us see what can be the best options for you to select a good substitute for your purpose.

Our Top Picks


American Standard Titan Pro Elongated Toilet Bowl


Signature Hardware Braeburn Two Piece Round Chair Height Toilet


American Standard Cadet 3 Round Triangle Toilet

Best Corner Toilet 2020

#1 .American Standard 216 AD Corner Toilet

#2 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bow

#3 Renovator’s Supply Ceramic Dual Flush

#4 American Standard Cadet 3 Right Height Elongated Two-Piece Triangle Toilet

#5 Renovator’s Supply Corner Round

#6 American Standard Cadet 3 Round Triangle Toilet

#7 Signature Hardware Braeburn Two Piece Round Chair Height Toilet

#8 American Standard Titan Pro Elongated Toilet Bowl

#9 Woodbridge T-00200 Dual Flush

#10 Bathroom Anywhere Hidden Plumbing


American Standard 216 AD Corner Toilet (Dimensions- 34 x 19.2 x 31.5 inches, weight- 90 pounds) are the best examples of a great combination of looks and features. It has the best flushing system technique which uses the least amount of water and makes the best use out of it. You don’t need o put extra efforts to clean it out apart from the dust over the surface on the outside portions. The flush has a powerful scrub feature to get rid of stains. The sitting base has a height of 16.5 inches without its seat which is ideal for sitting comfortably for people of all heights.


Kohler Veil Wall-Hung (Dimensions- 21 x 15.13 x 13.88 inches, Weight- ) is quite fit for a very congested space area. This is ideal because of its compact size (relatively smaller) that leaves extra space for the user’s legs while sitting and for the door to open and close. This wall-hung toilet doesn’t touch the ground. It can be simply mounted on any corner of the wall where it occupies the least space. The floating design of the toilet lets you wipe off the dirt on the floor beneath the toilet. the floating structures are supported on the wall with brackets of stainless steel.


Renovator’s Supply Ceramic Dual Flush (Dimensions- 33.75 x 19 x 32.25 inches, Weight- 46.5 pounds) is another elongated designed cornet toilet. Elongated seats are more preferred because they are comfortable to sit. The building material is ceramic that makes the surface stain and scratch resistance. The back of the tank is at a complete right angle that lets the system to perfectly stabilize on the corner of the wall. The dual flush uses 0.8 GPF in liquid-mode and 1.6 GPF in solid-mode.


American Standard 270 AD (Dimensions- 34 x 19.25 x 31.5 inches, Weight- 90 pounds) has a wider trap and a larger flush valve than usual corner toilets that make the flush work powerfully. Apart from the added, pressure on the valve for flush, the valve is resistant to chemicals and corrosion. Vitreous china is used to make the surface of the toilet. The EverClean glaze polish keep the surface shiny and clean. the height of the structure is 16.5 inches without the toilet seat. The installation hardly needs an hour.


Renovator’s Supply Corner Round (Dimensions- 30 x 17.25 x 29 inches, Weight- 38.6 pounds) has a Seat Height of 14-7/8″ without the toilet seat and 17.5 with the toilet seat which is ideal for a person of any height category, small or tall. The round design lets it fit in extra small spaces however the round design is at maximum 3-4 inches less in occupying space than the elongated designed ones. Its pentagonal shape saves extra room in the bathroom without blocking the doors. It is a very lightweight model weighing less than 40 pounds.


American Standard Cadet 3 Round Triangle Toilet (Dimensions- 32 x 19.25 x 31.5 inches, Weight- 59 pounds) has a round design that lets it fit in extra small spaces, however, the round design is at maximum 3-4 inches less in occupying space than the elongated designed ones. The round designs, further, make it easy for you to choose a toilet seats which are easily available for the round designs. The building material is Vitreous China that makes the structure quite durable.


Signature Hardware Braeburn (Weight- ) has a glossy look made with Vitreous white China that makes it sturdy and durable. It comes with a slowly closing toilet set that avoids the slamming sound while closing the seat after use. Its design is suitable for installing it in the corner of the bathroom without taking much space. the round shape designed seats occupy less space as compared to the elongated ones (3-4 inches less). This gives you the facility of setting up the toilet in the corner of even a closet-sized bathroom.


American Standard Titan Pro (Dimensions- 57.5 x 35 x 23 inches, Weight- 123.6 pounds) has a super-fast tank filling technology that uses only 1.28 GPF for the flush. Its standard height is 16.75 inches without the seat, which is not initially included in the setup. It will eventually increase by 2-3 inches with the addition of the seat. If you are replacing your previous toilet then this can be the best choice because it has a wide floor base covering an area that will hide any kind of traces like bolts marks and other flaws caused by the removal of the previous set up. Its heavyweight gives it stability and a sturdy base.


Woodbridge T-00200 Dual Flush (Dimensions- 29 x 15 x 28 inches, Weight- 138 pounds) has a slightly different design from the usual corner toilets. From bowl to seat, everything has a perfect right-angled corner. Unlike other toilets it does not has any grooves that can attract dust or even if it does then it is super-easy to clean it up. It has a pre-installed slowly closing seat that avoids the slamming sound made while closing the seat after every use.


Bathroom Anywhere Hidden Plumbing (Dimensions- 28 x 20.75 x 18.5 inches, Weight- 68.3 pounds) toilet is an ultimate solution to make your bathroom look spacious. The hidden plumbing implies to the less time and money consumption for the underground plumbing. There is are no worries about the backflow and the noise during flush because the up flushing system produces less noise while flushing as compared to the usual traditional flushing systems. To give your bathroom a more spacious look you can hide the cistern behind the wall. It is up t your choice and needs to leave everything outside or to hide everything behind the wall. The slow closing seat system avoids the slamming sound that is created while closing the seat after every use.

Buyer's Guide

No matter what product you are buying, you should always look for the value for money. Here is a guide that may help you choose the best alternative your buy-

Bathroom Location :

The sewer lines all the most important things that cannot be seen but are necessary to be taken into consideration. The toilet you choose must be according to the availability of underground or behind the walls plumbing. In case you have a perfect location of the bathroom with a proper sewer connection for the bathroom outlets, then you can buy a usual toilet but incase your bathroom doesn’t have a proper outlet for the waste then you must look for composting toilets, macerating toilets, or portable toilets. 

Bathroom Dimensions :

The dimensions of the bathroom is an important aspect that may affect your choice of the product. The size of the corner toilet is small as compared to the usual bathroom toilets but the facilities still differ along with the space they occupy. If your bathroom is extra small then you should look for a round designed seat otherwise you may go with the elongated designed seat which is relatively more comfortable.

Water-saving features :

The water-saving feature means how many gallons of water are needed per flush (GPF). A water conservation efficient system uses less amount of water per flush without any compromise in the performance and cleanliness. The flush should be powerful and should use advanced technology that can make it work even after using less amount of water.

Surface and material :

The surface of the system should be stain, scratch, and bacteria resistant. The building material of the model should be solid to make the structure sturdy and durable. The appearance of the model should also go with your bathroom decor. You can choose according to your choice whether you want a glossy polish or matte one, keeping in mind that the surface should be smooth. The smooth surface also makes it easy for you to clean the dirt. In regards to the dust, you should wisely choose the design having fewer groves so that it does not attract any dust.

Conclusion :

 Corner toilets are supposed to be used while being squeezed in a corner of your bathroom. Here you had top 10 corner seat toilets that you may choose according to your requirements. The features and specifications have also been given along with the product’s Amazon link. The buyer’s guide may help you to find out what are the basic things that must be available in your choice. You should not compromise with the primary functions and features of the corner toilets, no matter what extraordinary feature you are getting in the model. Hygiene should also be ensured.

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